Farida – Solo Ride

Hailing from a small town called Gjøvik with both Norwegian and Algerian roots, R&B songstress Farida shared a couple of days ago a new tune, Solo Ride, which serves as an extremely smooth follow-up to the debut single Three Weeks. Punctuated by measured percussions and framed by a smart, minimal production that leaves a lot of room to Farida’s soulful vocals to stand out, Solo Ride sounds like if BANKS and Fka Twigs had been making music in the 90’s.

Speaking with The 405, Farida said: “Everything I write about comes from a place. I don’t like to go to too deep ’cause I like to leave it on the track for people to create their own visions, and at the same time understand the message. We all experience relations with people in life where we don’t feel appreciated, or might not receive what we give. ‘Solo Ride’ is about the place you end up after being in that situation, but realizing that it’s not that deep, and being at peace with yourself is the most important thing. The energy you put out is what you will receive, so most of the time bad relationship comes from bad selfesteem and lack of selflove, so it’s important to take some time and have that covered before entering something unhealthy, and risking not seeing the warning signs. Kicking with yourself for a while, basically.

Farida’s new project, the 25th Hour mixtape, is set for release in April.