Farida – Next To Nothing

Yesterday I tweeted: “there is too much music”. And right now I think it’s true. Not only too much music in general, but often there are a lot of really good songs out there that are just waiting to be heard from someone who can push them somehow. Even a music nerd like me sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of offerings that we receive every weeks. I’m taking as example the new single by Farida, an artist that I really like. She dropped Next To Nothing a couple of weeks ago and I simply missed it until a few days ago. Fact is that it’s a great tune, an extra fine R&B song produced by Ross O’Donoghue and it would have been a shame to let it go unnoticed (at least on Going Solo, I know there’s people out there that already shared it).

Speaking on the track, the Norwegian artist said: “The song is about frustration and feeling worthless. In love, we have a tendency to enhance the Shakespearian drama of it all and let our feelings take take over. The main scenario of the song revovles around meeting someone who can save you – your princess or prince – from that. So maybe it’s a bit fairytale-inspired!

So, enjoy and please, never stop to share the good music with your friends. Sharing is caring.