Farida – I’ll Be Here

Norwegian popstress Farida shared a new track called I’ll Be Here that highlights the soul roots of her modern R&B offering. Marked by sparse handclaps, minimal instrumentals and Farida’s wonderful vocal interpretation, compared to Solo Ride the new track puts aside temporarily the electronic inserts, giving a classic, timeless look to Mogilla’s production. It’s like a step to the side, different but equally beautiful.

Speaking on the track, Farida said “I’ll Be Here is about self-love, cause no matter what the society, the business world or whoever wants you to be it’s always the choice we make as individuals that brightens our character, if we wanna be played with or not. We have a freedom to choose, that’s basically why It’s titled “I’ll Be Here”, cause I won’t stop. I do it for the passion, so whatever comes along from that is just a true blessing.

Farida’s The 25th Hour mixtape drops later in April.