Fable – Stranger In My Head

She’s been featured in our weekly column Going Inbox with her first single I Speak Words, but we think Fable deserves a closer look. This 19-year-old girl from Brighton must have something special indeed, if Archive decided to produce her debut EP. Very far from the current popstress’ spangles, Fable has not only co-written her upcoming debut EP with the abovementioned Archive, but she also shares a similar musical approach to them. Despite her young age, Fable has also written tracks for Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll’s upcoming album and collabed with Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack on his solo project. The girl has guts.

Stranger In My Head  represents well what we’re trying to say. It’s a dark and gloomy piece of trip-hop, with real drums and sparse electronic beats that team up to build a solid sound carpet. Fable’s powerful voice is the added value, what it really takes off the song.

Fable’s debut EP is called Parasite and will be released on October 14th through 74 Music. Listen to Stranger In My Head below.