Exclusive: Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Former Leader (Live in Studio)

We’ve already made you listen to its lead single, so we suppose that you are as eager as we are to hear the rest of Le Man Avec Les Lunettes’ upcoming LP.

Well, though we can’t provide you with another new track yet, we still have something to sweeten the wait. We Were Never Being Boring most precious indie-pop band has, in fact, granted us the exclusive to share with you the live-in-studio version of Former Leader, which is as lovely as you might have expected. It shows (even more clearly than previously released alternate cut) all the intimate qualities that this song possesses, so, if you’re tender at heart, you should really take a bit of your time to watch the video below.

Make It Happen – that’s how the new album is entitled – will be officially released on March 10th, but can already be pre-ordered through WWNBB bandcamp.