Exam Season – Mostly Homely Ep

Listening to the Exam Season’s EP Mostly Homely stands out that each song in it is a result of an intense dedication and passionate research work. It is not by chance that this record turns out to be a production in which everything sounds sincere and true. Ed has chosen to turn all of his worries and regrets into music by re-creating the same intimate and soft atmosphere of his bedroom. Mostly Homely is a delightful combination of pop melodies and indie-rock that sparkles with soft vocals and raspy guitar lines. He is a talented artist, a one-man band, capable of sounding like a multi-member band and drawing up a perfect sonic flow. Recently, however, he said that “the plan for Exam Season is to become a full band project, as opposed to just being by me. I find collaboration is better so we’re now going to start writing songs together and play some gigs“. So, if you are lucky, you’ll have the opportunity to see him playing live.

Mostly Homely is out via TRNS Records, check out our good friend’s new single below and the entire EP on his Bandcamp!