Eternal Death – Violence

Eternal Death‘s debut LP is certainly among the most awaited album of the year: because it comes from everyone’s favourite Scandinavian label Labrador Records and because the extremely solid singles released during 2014 have created an huge amount of hype on the duo. Now, Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård have a new one, Violence (out on 16th February).

Some years ago, we had the chance to interview Johan for the release of the latest Acid House Kings album, and he told us that he’s always pending between opposites. If he was doing something quite pop with one of his bands, there was a big chance his future project would have been dark, electronic and “not so pop”. He was interested in producing music in different kind of ways. He also confirmed he has much more fun in trying something new, instead of doing the same album over and over again. His curiousity was at the hightest level ever.

This explains very much the sonic research behind Eternal Death, something on which he never worked on before (with the exception of a couple of Club 8 episodes) and something that proves he can do anything without any condition. There are screams, broken crystals, witch-house turned into pop here. Just press play.