Emmecosta – A Mountain From Us

Our pals Emmecosta have recently released their beautiful new four-track EP Velour and sharing its closing track A Mountain From Us feels like the right thing to do right now. Led by sharp floods of synths and ethereal vocal chops, the song is drenched in an illusory vibe that fits perfectly with the trio’s signature style.

About the extended play, Emmecosta said: “’Velour’ is the feeling of unshakable longing for a place we’ve never been. This is a specific form of wanderlust – a craving for a distant land or a deep feeling of ‘homesickness’ for a place we have never seen. We imagine distant places through small fragments: everyday life seen elsewhere. We are going through a strange sensation of disorientation, something magical seen from far away. We fall in love with this fragment. It holds the promise for more. We move around it.

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