Emmanuelle – Free HiFi Internet

Emmanuelle is the latest addition to DEEWEE, the label founded by Soulwax earlier this year. Born in Brazil, she traveled across the world, with stops in the States, London and Italy, where she worked as an art director for the pop culture magazine PIG. Her debut track, Free HiFi Internet, was written, produced and mixed at DEEWEE Studio in Ghent, which is just another leg of her never-ending journey. The song is a “GarageBand-produced” catchy electro-pop tune, where minimal gamboling beats and tense sparkling synths serve as support to Emmanuelle’s naive vocals.

Speaking about lyrics, she says: “We’re better connected than at any other point in history, yet personal connection feels as if it’s a lost art. It’s a paradox of being so closely connected to people without really knowing them at all. I wrote the song because I was having a tough time in New York when I was having panic attacks and I didn’t want to leave my house. You see all these people having so much fun and doing things on Instagram and Facebook and I’m just like… ARGH, I’ve had enough! And you go out on the street and everyone’s hooked to their phones. Free wi-fi is something that’s completely isolated everybody and we don’t realise it. We don’t even know what impact it will have on us in twenty years’ time.

Free HiFI Internet comes with an official video, which puts its spotlight to Instagram culture and “the trend for young men to express their masculinity with a cocktail of body-building, waxing and fake-tan.”