Elskavon – Imprints

The first time I checked Elskavon‘s fanpage I couldn’t believe my eyes: why there were only 309 fans there? They should be at least 100 time more. It’s absolutely unacceptable to live in a world where there are artists that can compose and perfectly produce songs that can be compared with the works of ambient and classica masterminds like Eluvium and Ólafur Arnalds.

Lately, Chris Bartels released Imprints, a song that will be included on his next yet-to-be-titled album. It will be his third release so far and we hope that he’ll considerably enlarge his audience with this one. The song possesses aethereal choruses and a mood that reminds of Valtari, Sigur Rós’ most ambient/dream-pop sounding LP.