Elkka – Try

That moment you realise it’s only Wednesday and the weekend is still far away. Don’t get caught in emotions, think about all the happy moments you had and provide them with a soundtrack. I, for one, have been listening to Elkka‘s debut EP fifty times in a row just today and perhaps because it is electric and with a confident attitude, I could not avoid singing it by heart. In particular, Try, the lead track from Her, co-produced with Pop Morrison, is a piece of contemporary electro-dance, that pumps with killer beats and rolling rhythmic loops, flowing into a crescendo of sprightly techno-music vibrations, electro-pop and acid house. Elkka’s smooth and sultry vocals swing back and forth through a passionate, funkadelic soulful creating a warming and explosive atmosphere. The overall energy behind this song will get you on the dancefloor or at least jump out the bed.

Elkka’s debut EP Her is out now, check it out here!