Eden – and / rock + roll

Irish songwriter Jonathan Ng, best known as Eden, has released his new EP i think you think too much of me just a couple of days ago and we really have to say that’s a great piece of work. And is the third song on the tracklist, coming right after Sex and Drugs and before… well, you can easily guess what comes next, can’t you? Still written in the typical Eden’s style, blending a distinctive guitar work with massive electronic doses, And is “just another sad song“, as Eden mourns in the opening line, and has a way more minimal approach than rock + roll, which instead is in the wake of the previous singles and sounds like a conscious coming-of-age effort, as if its author had finally become aware of what he really wants. Check out both tracks below and then head over to your favourite streaming service to listen to the full thing + a bunch of truly deserving bonus tracks.