Ed Thomas – Hollywood

London singer/songwriter Ed Thomas has broke a personal silence that was lasting from 2014 and his Outlaws EP. He has not been idle though, since he has recently lent his craft for the likes of Sigma, Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre. But today he has returned to share his own music, by revealing the title track of his upcoming new extended play Hollywood. Enhanced by an intricate production that blends soft 808 beats and shimmering electronica, the song is blessed by Ed’s flawless singing and definitely creates a serious buzz around the forthcoming EP.

Speaking on the track, Ed Thomas said: “LA, June, 2014 I pull up on a back street near Santa Monica Blvd, I see a guy living out of a shopping trolley with the Hollywood sign as his backdrop. I step through an ivy covered door into a different world of gold and platinum plaque covered walls, LA smiles and the anxiety of a ton of engineers and interns getting ready for Usher to arrive in the main studio. I step into a small side room where I meet Roy English for the first time. We exchange greetings and jump all the stages of friendship as is the way when you’re in a writing session. Within minutes we’re straight into hopes, dreams and fears, love and loss. We start to jam, and reflect on the city around us, where every waiter is writing a novel, and every secretary could be tomorrow’s queen of the silver screen. How quickly dreams are built and smashed. How the whole world looks to this sprawling desert metropolis as the holy land in the church of celebrity. We tell stories of those who shoot for the stars from this city of Angels, and all too often fall far too soon. Of all the girls we ever knew, who once swore, I can get to heaven from Hollywood…..