DVWEZ – The Life

Based in Orlando, Florida, singer/songwriter and producer DVWEZ (pronounced “Dames”) is currently working on her upcoming new EP Paradise, which has been anticipated so far by the title track and the just-released The Life. The new single blends brooding synths and chasing electronic percussions to create a soundscape that stands halfway between alternative R&B and contemporary pop. Produced by KAIXEN, the The Life brings together nocturnal vibes, ’90s-tinged pop textures and of course DVWEZ’s flawless vocals.

Speaking on the new single, she said: “I wanted to explore the idea of taking the wrong path and embracing your mistakes along the way. I was inspired to write ‘The Life’ after a conversation I had with my girlfriend. I think it’s especially hard for loved ones watching someone they care about try to make it in the industry. They’re very protective, and as the artist, you have to assure them that you’re making the right decisions – a truly impossible task. You’re really learning as you go.

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