Dream Wife – Fire

London alt-rock trio Dream Wife return with new powerful single Fire, which follows their successful comeback a few months ago with Somebody. Led by punchy guitar licks and unapologetic vocals, the song serves as title track of their new EP.

Speaking to The Fader, Dream Wife explains: “As a trio of fire symbols (Sagittarius/Sagittarius/Leo), we play with the inherent multiple meanings in our binding element, be that symbolic, metaphoric or physical. It’s a song of explosive emotion: volcanic, eruptive, and reflective in turn. During moments of pure connection, a bolt of fire can be felt between people. The explosion begins; movement is electric, conversation erratic, and you become fully immersed in the moment. Thematically and tonally, we explore the paradox present in the symbolism of ‘fire’ as both a creative and destructive force.

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