Dorj – Don’t Care

Dor Turgeman is Dorj, a Tel-Aviv based producer and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Emek Hefer, a small town on the Israeli coastline. While learning to play guitar and piano by himself, Dorj was taught to sing by his grandfather, once a famous singer back in Morocco. He then attended the academy of Tel Aviv, where he learnt classical composition and played in various jazz ensembles.

In the last few years, Dorj has been fascinated by the sound of artists like Jai Paul, Kaytranada, and Mndsgnm who inspired him to pursue this music project with the ambition to align his classical influences with the fresh structure of modern electronic. The result is FORGETMOVEONDONTCARE, his new 3-track EP from which is taken Don’t Care, a track which gives us a first impression of what to expect in Dorj’s last effort. Don’t Care blends singer’s fragile vocals and his pop sensibility with glacial beats, creating a rarefied vibe that bewitched us.

The song is part of “a trilogy which explores the same story told from three different perspectives. These three songs were written whilst I was in a serious relationship, and as it came to a painful end. A reflection on the meaning and essence of relationships, of the individual placed in front of the other.

Listen below.