Donovan Blanc – Minha Menina

I know Donovan Blanc for a while now, mostly because I’m a huge fan of Captured Tracks and they opened various gigs of artists on Captured Tracks’ roster. So, it goes without saying that I wasn’t surprised at all to discover – via this teaser – that their shot on the Brooklyn’s label was about to come. However, when the announcement I was expecting finally came, Minha Menina, the first song off the duo’s debut LP, turned what was expected into something suprising, into a life-changing event: my favourite “guitar-label” signed a band that has the not-straightforward-but-straighforward sense of composition and beauty of Felt’s 1982’s Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty running through their veins. That means everything.

Listen below, and keep posted to Captured Tracks’ Facebook fanpage to be the first to know about the LP pre-order. We will fight to grab the ltd edition of this one.