Donna Missal – Slide

Donna Missal may not have found her place in the music circus yet, but she surely knows how to excite the blogosphere. Her debut single Keep Lying was a rough, bluesy number, quite the opposite of the soulful, jazz-flavoured The Keeper. Missal’s last single Slide though is once again something different: built around a production full of R&B nuances, the song highlights the most alluring side of Donna’s voice.

Speaking on the track, Donna Missal said: “I wrote the lyrics for ‘Slide’ as a reminder to myself to relax and not take everything so seriously and personally. I would say that I’m very passionate and can get all in my feelings. when anyone listens to this little jam I hope it makes them feel good. sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is throw up your hands, breathe, brush your shoulders off and remember that it’s ok to have fun – no matter how imperfect the circumstances around you.

Listen below.