Dolly Spartans – Hanging Out

Hailing from Brooklyn, Dolly Spartans are that kind of act that, once in a while, revives my love for guitar-pop music. Their new single Hanging Out is all I want to hear from a garage band: fizzy guitars, bold hooks and a relentless pace that fiercely jumps down my throat and don’t let me think straight during the song’s less-than-3-minutes lenght.

Hanging Out is taken from the band’s sophomore EP Time Sides With No One, which is out on March 31st on New York based indie label Blue and Lucky. All proceeds from their EP will go to The American Civil Liberties Union, a decision which the band took months before Trump took office. “I’ve gotten to see the ACLU in action before Trump won the election, and their commitment to protecting human rights and civil rights is real” said the band lead singer/songwriter Michael Eliran.

This new extended play follows up Dolly Spartans’ very first release, their self-titled debut EP which they released independently in 2014. While their music was getting traction, the band experienced a real tragedy when Michael’s close friend and Dolly Spartans’ guitarist Christopher Elmer died suddenly of a drug overdose. He was only 22 years old. Of course the band was in shock, but somehow found the strength to start over from there. “A lot of the songs deal with the need to reconcile the past and present with the future,” Eliran reflects. “They’re about coming to terms with the idea that the passing of time can bring joy one day and pain the next.