Djustin – Stars

Djustin is the latest project of Johan Angergård, thee Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who you might know due to his involvement in acts such as Club 8 and Eternal Death or his solo work as The Legends. And in case you have not heard, he is also the main guy at Labrador Records. So he’s definitely a busy man, but nevertheless he found the time to start this new – electronic – project with the help of Michigan singer Rose Suau. In their first offering, Stars, Angergård created a relentless, sparkling soundscape that matches perfectly with Suau’s soulful voice, giving the idea of something that’s literally dealing with sky and stars.

Speaking about Djustin to Spin, Angergård said: “I’m pretty used to writing everything myself and wanted to see what would happen if I did things in new ways. So I took the chance and sent a couple of tracks over to Rose with me singing gibberish. A week later, she dropped a recording of the finished vocals and it was… well, just lovely.