dePresno – Stranger In Disguise

Do you remember half-spanish half-norwegian singer/songwriter dePresno? We left the 17-year-old artist 5 months ago with a fabulous first single out called Forever. Now the little kid is back, but he isn’t a little kid anymore. Strangers In Disguise, the sophomore single by the Bergen-based musician, is a well-refined piece built over a bright melody and an elaborate rhythm, which underlines again dePresno’s exquisite pop taste. The song is about the pain of being left after the end of a romance and it’s full of sincere feels, melancholy but at the sime time of optimism and hope.

Talking about it, dePresno himself says that is a journey into the confusion and emptiness you can be engulfed in after a break-up. The feeling of never wanting to get into a relationship again, after parting with your beloved one. The feeling of never wanting to trust anyone again after being betrayed. The moment where you’re left in a destructive whirlpool of emotions, or maybe worse, the moment where you end up feeling nothing at all, and think that you never will love again. But the song is all about optimism, and how you out of nowhere can meet someone that changes everything. In your most vulnerable moment, you might meet someone else to guide you back home, who thaws your stone cold heart, and plants a seed for a smile to grow on your face. You just hope that she is not another mistake – that she’s not another stranger in disguise”.

Stranger In Disguise will be part of a forthcoming debut EP which will be released early next year. Meanwhile, listen below to this touching and graceful track.