Deer Scout – Sad Boy

Last time we heard from Deer Scout, the songwriting project of Philly artist Dena Miller, she was releasing her debut EP Customs, a collection of guitar-driven heartfelt gems. Her comeback single Sad Boy is quite a surprise though; the combination of sparkling lo-fi synths and glitchy 808 beats together with the dreamy chords puts the song in the same territories of acts such as Frankie Cosmos and R.L. Kelly.

Speaking on the track to The Le Sigh, Deer Scout stated: “I got into music in a scene that is especially dominated by men who write vulnerable, self-loathing lyrics. Sad Boy references music I love and that has influenced me, but absolutely falls into this camp. Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee, who is a big inspiration for me, pointed out that when non-dude musicians write songs about their feelings it gets called “confessional’ but when men do it it’s just called ‘honest.’ The issue isn’t men being vulnerable, though sometimes I think it gets put on a pedestal. The issue is that non-dudes have always embraced softness and vulnerability and never get enough credit for it.

Watch Sad Boy‘s official video below.

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