Declan McKenna – Paracetamol

When I was 16 years old I used to go out with friends doing stupid things. At the same age Declan McKenna is setting the basis to become a rising star in the music stardom. Found that now I feel like shit because of that, I also have to give credit to this Londoner kiddo because the latest track he dropped is really amazing. It’s called Paracetamol and it seems that the intro has really something to do with drugs, ’cause it’s psychedelic and slow-paced as hell, with background synth/organ chords that remind us of the ones used in She’s A Jar by best band ever Wilco. At 1:43 there’s a big shift with guitars and videogame beats sparkling all around, while Declan’s (very) brit vocals shows a huge maturity compared to his young age.

Paracetamol follows a first demo called Brazil – uploaded on Bandcamp in late Spring 2015 – which sent him directly to Glastonbury emerging talent competition. He has freshly signed with Columbia: what more could you want?

Listen below.