Declan J. Donovan – Fallen So Young

If you are a Soundcloud digger, you may already be aware of the the beauty of Fallen So Young, a song that Declan J. Donovan dropped a while ago as a bedroom demo. Its emotional lyrics combined with the sparse guitar chords and Declan’s heartfelt vocals captured the hearts of many. Here comes the best part of the story: the track was originally written as a best man’s speech for his brother Michael’s wedding and lyrics are penned from his point on view. It then landed on Soundcloud, with no particularly expectations behind and no press. Well, it ended to ammass more than a million plays.

Two years later, Fallen So Young has found its way to get an official release via London-based 0E0E Records, ahead a 4-track EP that will land later this year. Declan, now a 19-year-old kid and a more confident songwriter, said about the song that brought him at this point: “‘Fallen So Young’ is about my brother Michael and his wife Hayleigh and how they’ve been together since they were 15. And still just as in love, 16 years later. It’s written as a love letter from Michael to Hayleigh.