Deaths – Mute Kids

To define Deaths simplistically as a mysterious band is quite an understatement. The aesthetics of the Berlin-based project goes well beyond that and the aura which sorrounds them now, after the release of the new Under Old Sun EP, is more powerful than ever. The four-track extended play runs smoothly, along classy arrangements and a background atmosphere between sacral and claustrophobic. The opening track, Mute Kids, is probably the most precious gem of the lot: a hypnotic slow motions dance, glacial and yet imbued with emotions. Igor Bruso’s vocals are ghostly, sinister and they seep through a mystical electro fog like a spectral light. It’s not pop but it stuns since the first listen and this is the power of Deaths: never trivial, never blatantly radio-friendly but nevertheless so damn captivating.

You can listen to Under Old Sun EP in its entirely here.