Dean Blunt feat. Joanne Robertson – DEF freestyle / 50 Cent

I don’t know what the other kids behind Going Solo think about Dean Blunt but, to me, he is a God. I worship him, Hype Williams’ Black Is Beautiful is one of the few 2012 records I still listen to regularly and The Redeemer is not my 2013 album of the year just because I spent too many months in cavern trying to finish my studies and I couldn’t give it time to properly grow on me. Five years from now, I will probably proclaim it as the best release of 2013.

Anyway, the British singer/producer has just dropped two brand new tracks on former girlfriend and Hype Williams bandmate Inga Copeland’s SoundCloud page. Both are featuring the terrific voice of Joanne Robertson and they are, of course, dramatically cool. The fact that they head towards opposite directions and that The Fader reports that there are rumours saying that the artist and Hippos in Tanks are no longer affiliated is also reassuring: there will be Dean Blunt’s unpredictability to accompany us throughout the new year. Thank God.