Day Wave – You Are Who You Are / Come Home Now

Our love for Day Wave is certainly not a new thing. As you might have already read on our pages, the Oakland-based talent won us over since the first chords of his debut single Nothing At All. While the delicious Headcase debut EP is still ringing in our ears, the guy announces his comeback releasing the brand new 7″ Come Home Now.
Come Home Now and its b-side You Are Who You Are are immediate standouts on first listen for all the indie-pop lovers. Maintaining intact the lo-fi approach and that bittersweet post-adolescent angst of his previous release, Day Wave shows once again all his abilities and his innate gift for melodies made of dreamy landscapes and sepia-toned jingle-jangles pastels.

Speaking about this new project to the FADER, he stated: “Sometimes you need to accept people for who they are, rather than hoping they’ll be who you want them to be or do what you want them to do. ‘You Are Who You Are’ is somewhat of a reminder to myself to accept or embrace other people’s flaws instead of trying to change them.

You Are Who You Are 7inch vinyl will be released on November 6th via House Arrest Records.