Daniela Andrade – Sound

Oh boy! I’m such a loser when it comes to know TV or Youtube stars! Basically, I don’t follow any Youtube channel nor I watch talent shows on tv. It is almost correct to say that I watch only live sports and tv series that I choose. So I had no clue that Daniela Andrade already amassed millions of plays on Youtube/Soundcloud and was featured on TV shows such as Suits, Supergirl thanks to her covers of other artists.

My bad anyway. This Toronto-based singer songwriter is gifted with a wonderful and striking voice and I’m so glad that she’s now working on the Shore‘s project, a 4-track Visual EP that showcases a soulful sound and an eclecticism that make me think of Jhene Aiko. Sound is the second excerpt to be taken from the extended play, which contains only original tracks, each of which comes alongside an official video to create eventually a short-film, shot across Canada, Morocco and Cuba. Catch up with the first two visuals for this project below.