Cruels – Give It Up (feat. Salt Ashes)

Being a music blogger brings some benefits (very few to be honest). One of them is the possibility to hear songs and records in advance of their official release. That’s why writing this post is a bit embarrassing, because we had the chance to hear Cruels‘ debut single Give It Up more than a month a go and then…we forgot to write about it! In our defense, we have to say that we were on vacation at that time and when we came back from holiday we were overwhelmed by the enormous amount of emails received.

But the fact nevertheless remains that we missed the opportunity to feature this stunning track. Until now! Born in San Francisco but now relocated to Los Angeles, Cruels is a nu 90’s house/R&B producer who owes his stage name to his uncle, a farmer in a small Italian village called Anchiano, who often read the book Contes Cruels. Featuring Salt Ashes, Give It Up is an electro-dance tune that carries a strong tropical vibe within ant it’s just the perfect jam to greet these last remnants of summer.

Listen below.