Crescendo – Haunted

Our friends Crescendo are back on the road with their new single and we couldn’t be happier. Haunted is quite different from the past: it is more slow-paced/reflective and has a darker mood compared to Crescendo’s previous efforts but you don’t have to worry because you’ll always find dreamgaze guitars and vocals drowned in reverbs.

This is what they stated to the guys over at NYLON who premiered the track“‘Haunted’ was channeling the only thing that seemed to occupy my mind at the time, and was a bit like a harrowing, cathartic confessional. There were things about my feelings that I uncovered within the process of writing this song, things that were probably apparent yet unconscious at the time,” Kimoto told us in an email. “It’s about the way in which we may love from a distance so intensely until these people turn into a mirage of our own idealizations, the resulting harsh hand of reality brushing against our delusions, and the lingering feelings of longing that seem so inescapable. Really, it’s about grasping so tightly onto something we know cannot exist, a dream that can never be ours to have”.

Haunted is the second single (the first one was Repulsor) to be taken from their sophomore LP which is on the way to be released through Italian coolest label We Were Never Being Boring.