courtship. – Love For Everyone

courtship., the LA-based indie-rock duo formed by Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon returns today with the follow up single to their debut hit Stop For Nothing. It’s called Love For Everyone and it’s just the same kind of equally addictive tune, built around sun-drenched synth hooks and relentless disco-tinged percussions, with the addiction of some subtle piano chords and anthemic vocals.

Speaking on the track to Billboard, courtship. said: “Not trying to sound preachy, but we were just thinking about how no matter who you are, everyone has felt self conscious or anxious at a party. Like they don’t know how to be themselves. So we wrote a song about an imaginary party where no one is left out and everyone feels super free to be and do whatever they want. ‘Just follow but don’t speak. Real fun comes in 3, I know just what you need…’ We will let the people decide how to interpret the song.

Love For Everyone is out now and available as a free download on the new indie singles imprint 20XX.