Couros – Breathe Again

Recently signed to Beat Club, the sister label launched by PMR in 2014, London multi-instrumentalist and producer Couros has shared the first excerpt from his upcoming four-track EP, within which we can recognize the trademark sound that made PMR and artists such as Disclosure and SG Lewis great. Punctuated by thumping bass and throbbing synth stabs, Breathe Again stands out for its multi-layered twisted production, over which float Couros’ hazy soulful vocals.

Speaking on the track to Pigeons and Planes, Couros said: “Around the time when “Breathe Again” was written I felt like a lot of new music I was hearing being released sounded very clean and polite. I wanted to make something feel more aggressive and in your face. This song is kind of about an imperfect relationship and it has a deliberately imperfect sound to match.“​