COTE – Cruel

2017 could definitely be THE year for COTE. The amazing last year’s three singles raised the expectations and put big spotlights on her future to prove that she’s a star in the making. Brooklyn-based songstress’ first answer to the above-mentioned expectations stands in her brand new release which is the follow up of her latest single Golden Hour. It’s called Cruel and it’s built around a standard formula verse-bridge-chorus that’s kind of a growing climax from soft fingerpicking to alt-pop guitars explosions. Then the vocals, well, their great as always.

This is what COTE stated about the song: Cruel focuses on the darker side of optimism and the consequences that follow. Loneliness had left me vulnerable and willing to ignore my gut instincts. In the end, I was left disillusioned but felt angrier at myself than anyone else”.