Cosmos & Creature – Bad Drug

Cosmos & Creature, the duo formed by songwriters and singers Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore, have returned with a new compelling tune called Bad Drug. The track blens organic piano chords, subtle guitar licks together with soulful vocals and thumping beats, creating a captivating soundscape that perfectly fits with the song’s idea to capture the thrill of a burning love. The pair, boyfriend/girlfriend IRL, share the vocals on the track, embracing its subject completely with the line “you got me good like a bad drug.” Other than the song itself, which is good ofc, it’s interesting to hear how these two artists are constantly honing their skills and crafting the sound of both this collaboration and of their own musical projects.

Speaking on the track, Moore said: “It’s about the push-and-pull of a fiery relationship, where someone’s maybe not the best thing for you, but you still want them anyway.

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