Cosmo Sheldrake – Rich (ft. Anndreyah Vargas)

Our core-fans know that when we focus on a specific artist, it’s because we’re aware of his great talent. Cosmo Sheldrake is one of these and, in case you missed it last time, we highly recommend to retrieve his latest tracks and listen to Cosmo’s new effort Rich, which features vocals by Anndreyah Vargas.

Rich and Tardigrade Song are both taken from Cosmo Sheldrake’s debut EP Pelicans We, out on April 6th via Transgressive Records. If we had to bet, we’ll be pretty sure that also the yet-unreleased tunes will be filled with catchy refrains and bizarre samples, just like the beat made from the tearing of meat off a cow carcass which you can find in Rich. Listen below.