Communions – Eternity

We have a soft spot for Danish alt-rock outfit Communions and we’re really happy to see how their path has always been growing over the last two years. Eternity serves as b-side of their first release in over a year, the Don’t Hold Anything Back 7” single that will be released via Fat Possum on September 16th. Communions’ latest offering highlights a band ready to fully embrace its heavy ’80s-drenched sound, made of sparkling guitar riffs and subtle synths, over which the high-pitched, androgynous vocals of singer Martin Rehof simply are the icing on the cake.

Speaking to TLOBF, the band said: “I think what we like about the ’80s mainly has a lot to do with the sound of the studio production, a lot of which has a kind of ethereal and gradiose quality to it.