Colouring – If I Ever Lose Your Love

London-based quartet Colouring has released a new single entitled If I Ever Lose Your Love out now via all online retailers. I have to say that I feel very emotional, and this song really hits the mark. Among the various songs made in the past, for example The Wave or Heathen, this one is the most sentimental and delicate of their repertoire. A few months after the release of their EP Symmetry, these guys produced this pearl full of  thoughts and ghosts. In fact, the song speaks about all the fears you have when you discover love and when you imagine that all of this would vanished suddenly. Basically this song blends  perfectly profound vocals and passionate piano chords, moreover a lightweight guitar chords accompanies everything, giving a strong emotion to the song. This beautiful work is part of the EP called Heathen, out on August 25th. Now close your eyes and press play below, it will not disappoint you.