Colouring – Heathen

If we rewind the tape of Going Solo’s history, we’ll probably find out many acts that seem to have disappeared into thin air. Some of them have been able to reinvent their sound though and, following a name change, return better than before. A bright example of this comes from the band once known as Osca; now called Colouring, the London quartet dropped later last year a new charming EP – which I admit I totally missed – titled Symmetry that highlighted a new, more electronic-oriented approach to production in combination with their unchanged talent to create timeless pop melodies. Now that the extended play’s follow-up single Heathen (a brooding piano-driven ballad with refined synth inlays and electronic nuances) has been released, I also realized why I like this new direction so much: it reminds me of Stateless’ terrific self-titled debut album, which I still hold dear to my heart.

Listen to Heathen below.