Cold, cold heart – Wolf eyes, you’re staring

We are very worried everytime we see a band being described as “similar to Explosions In The Sky”. First, it seems like it’s the only post-rock band to be compared with while we know the genre has a Constellation (pun intended) of other great bands: so please just listen to them without any prejudice, they’re different from each other more than you can imagine. Second, EITS is a very emphatetic band and it’s really not easy to engage a similar bond with the listeners.

Cold, cold heart (written in sentense case) are a London-based trio that can be related only with the sound of the abovementioned Austin band’s debut. The softener atmosphere, the simpler guitars’ entwine and the piano-driven melody are much more closer to the ballads of ambient composers like Olafur Arnalds. Listen to the intimate Wolf eyes, you’re staring below.