Cloves – Frail Love

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, 19-years-old singer/songwriter Cloves has just released her stunning debut single Frail Love, a heartfelt stripped-down piano-ballad which has immediately won us over. Vocally she’s obviously gifted, but we think Cloves has something more to offer than the pure talent: the way in which she enriches every single note of the track with deeply emotional nuances is something rare to listen to nowadays. Her emotional voice dances over the sparse piano chords, guiding us through the darkest corners of her soul.

Frail Love will be part of XIII, a 3-song EP which will be released as a 10″ vinyl on August 17th via English label Duly Noted Records. Pre-order available here. Cloves will head to London this Wednesday for a free show at The Lucky Pig. Listen below.