cln – The Other Side

Brisbane-based producer and musician cln has unveiled his new open-minded track The Other Side. Actually he is not a newcomer into my brain, in fact a month ago I listened another lovely featured track called Switch Gears and my impressions were all brilliant. What’s happening to this new song? Basically the skills are good as always, but we a facing  a deep change of his style. In fact now we are talking  about  a good EDM song, with reverberating vocals, electro-pop textures and a refreshing atmosphere. Moreover, the song is able to transport you into the space, with acid elements and glitchy synths and deep messages. Really enjoyable and profound.

Talking about the song via email, he said: “I’ve been making a fairly broad range of music, and initially when I wrote this song I didn’t want to release it because it didn’t sound that much like ‘me’. It has come to grow on me thought; I think it’s probably one of the better vocals parts I’ve written. I’d rather make what comes naturally than put myself into a box. That way I have more freedom and can be more honest.”

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