CHINAH – Colder

I’m not gonna lie: I had the chance to listen in advance to CHINA‘s upcoming debut EP, Once The Lights Are On, and write down my words: it will be your favourite EP of the year. In addition to including all the previous singles dropped by the Danish trio, Away From Me, We Go Back and Minds – you already know how good are they, don’t you? – the extended play can also count on another amazingly good song, Closer. This new tune lies on a delightful blend of multi-layered instrumentals and electronics, which combined together give rise to several changes of pace and create a sensual yet dark vibe, made even more addictive by the lush vocals of lead singer Fine Glindvad. In two words: otherworldly good.

Speaking about the track, the band said: “Once the lights are on, the lights are on, and there is no turning back”. In ‘Colder’, this line is about the terrible and fascinating realization of being addicted to another person, unable to escape. It is about allowing someone a power over you and submitting to being in their hands. That line turned into the name of the EP. We think it does well at describing the capturing feeling of having launched something into existence. It is a statement to ourselves that the project has been born.

CHINA’s Once The Lights Are On will be out on 11 February through No 3 Records.