Chelsea Effect – Youth In 21

Chelsea Effect, the new electro-pop output of Canadian artist Emerald Isabella that gets its name from the NYC’s legendary Hotel, returns today with a new track called Youth In 21 that draws inspiration from some key figures of the 20th century literature: Hadley Hemingway, wife or Ernest, and Zelda Firzgerald, remarkable novelist and wife of Francis Scott. Picturing a conversation between the two women in France, Chelsea Effect has put together a great modern electronic tale.

Speaking on the track, Emerald says: “The love affairs between Zelda and F. Scott and Hadley and Ernest eventually ended during their lifetimes but the immortality of their love will always live on in the classics that they inspired. I wanted to write a song that encapsulated the experiences of those women and the feeling that I had the first time I truly fell in love. There’s this idea that sometimes you meet someone and it seems as though you’ve known this person your whole life. You feel as if you’ve met before and your love has been repeated throughout the ages because it’s that strong and beautiful. But when your love ends, do you live inside the nostalgia and take solace in the memories? Or like Ernest Hemingway, do you never fully recover from this lost love? And most importantly, just because it ended, does it make it any less beautiful? As the character Daisy says in The Great Gatsby: ‘All the bright precious things fade so fast…and they don’t come back.’ Youth In ’21 is the about midway point between realizing your love is once-in-a-lifetime and recognizing that at some point, it may end.