Chai Khat – Hail Satin

Reminiscent of the early ’80, but with a touch of present originality, the sound essence at the bottom of the band’s modus operandi, it is very clear since the beginning. A melting pot of styles and music interferences, apparently opposing, kept together by the willingness to experiment and a strong expressive needs. The debut single from the Berlin-based trio Chai Khat is a hook-laden song wrapped up in a new wave aesthetic. The band do a wonderful job of melding the noir synths and electronic upbeat with the fuzzy guitars, dream pop melodies and emotional sincerity. Hail Satin is a thought about the transience of life and the concern about the future, and that keeps us from live every present moment to the fullest. Chai Khat’s debut ep will be out soon-ish. Best to keep an eye on their Fb for updates on those.