Caroline Lazar – Trigger

When I think of Caroline Lazar, the rising singer/songwriter grew up in the suburbs outside Atlanta, my mind goes back to the first time I heard music from Mitski and Julien Baker. The talent was there, it was so obvious that I couldn’t help but notice it. Years later those moments, both seem to have a great career ahead (btw Baker’s 2015 debut LP Sprained Ankle will be re-released via Matador Records this year).

Listening to Lazar’s new single Trigger gives me the same feeling, a raw gem on the verge of blowing up. The song starts with a brooding mood, driven by sparse acoustic guitar chords, and it slowly grows as the hammond organ and the vigorous drums join jump in; alongside the melody, also Caroline’ voice grows in intensity, until reaching its peak in the bold finale. The track follows the release of Nevermine, the title track of the forthcoming EP which My Little Empire Records is about to release.

Speaking on the song, Lazar expalins that it details a period of life where she felt completely alone and disconnected from life: “I wondered if a particular event or person could be the reason, or just the trigger for something inside of me.