Caro – Cold Comfort

The new release from the Leeds-based trio Caro has that astonishing power to get stuck in your head for days like a noisy gong before the match. Cold Comfort goes up and down with intensity and dynamism to a place in which disparate genres, apparently unsuitable, coexist peacefully among them, giving to the song an authentic charm; combining both tender pop melodies and fizzing strummed guitars in a cornucopia of art-rock and blues variations, the result is stunning. A tornado that marches on ceaselessly from the beginning to the end. Brushstrokes of cold colors fill the refrain in, turning the song upside-down with ascending climax and then, at the end of the song, tidy everything up. This tune is a further demonstration of what had been said on the occasion of their first release Admit/Resist. This band kicks ass! Make yourself comfortable and try to not move your head. You’ll fail!