Cameron A G – Heroes

I can’t deny to have a soft spot for those artists who sing their heart out and Cameron A G is definitely one of them. The latest offering from the Oxfod-based multi-instrumentalist & songwriter is called Heroes and it’s a soaring, synth-soaked pop number that conveys some serious feelings about friendship and admiration. The track has a clear retro aftertaste, like a sort of lo-fi underground hit from the Eighties, into which Cameron’s fragile singing fits just fine.

Heroes is the second track, following Walk Your Line, to be taken from Cameron A G’s sophomore EP Homeward Bound, due out November 4th via Grand Jury Music in North America and Kobalt for the rest of the world. On his Soundcloud page, Cameron said about HEROES: “It’s a song about a very inspiring human being. Someone I looked up to who is sadly no longer with us. It’s a celebration of a great life and an ode to a hero.