Brothers In Law – Middle Of Nowhere

Brothers In Law are an Italian four-piece from Pesaro that received unanimous praise and critical acclaim in 2013 for debut LP Hard Time for Dreamers. Two years later, we finally have the pleasure to listen to Middle Of Nowhere, the first single from their upcoming sophomore LP Raise, which will be released early next year through WWNBB.

The expectations were high just as much as the curiosity to know which direction the quartet would have taken. The first 10 seconds of the song show a complete new side of the band, made of drum machines and bell-like guitars that winks to Romy Madley Croft. The guys, however, return quickly to gaze at their shoes with disruptive swelling waves of flanged guitars. There are also rooms for flashes of synths in the bridge, which then leaves space for a typical shoegaze finale. Middle of Nowhere shows a project that, while managing to hold unchanged the cornerstones of its dream-pop aesthetic, also wants to go further and evolve. Brothers in Law are back and they sound better than ever.

This is what the guys stated about the new LP: “(We) feel the need to go beyond that attitude of bleak despair that had inspired much of our first album. We wanted to make room for a more aware approach and attitude, as we’ve learned to accept that we have grown. We, in a way, began to understand that life is difficult, but we are the ones who can try to improve it. Try to imagine an album as if it were a hotel where different souls were staying. All of them have something to say: some whisper, some scream notes they can hardly control. On the other hand, each song has its own life and something to tell…and we had to listen because each emerged from an urge, a necessary impulse from inside of us”.

Pre-order Raise here (EU) or here (US). Discover the tracklist below.

1. Oh, Sweet Song
2. All the Weight
3. Life Burns
4. Middle of Nowhere
5. Through the Mirror
6. No More Tears
7. Compose (Leaves I)
8. Tear Apart (Leaves II)