Brent Faiyaz – Invite Me

The R&B and neo-soul game is getting tougher day after day. New acts arise into the blogosphere, ready to contend the throne to James Blake (or at least to get a seal of nobility). Maryland crooner Brent Faiyaz is probably aware of all this and that is why it has decided to laid back after the release of his debut single Allure more than a year ago. He relocated to LA and started working on his debut project, which will take the world on September 19th by releasing its side A: AM Paradox EP. Faiyaz’s new single Invite Me is a terrific anticipation of what to expect: a soulful, beautiful voice lost in the midst of a charming, bluesy melody perfectly produced by Pablo Dylan & James Harte

Speaking on the track, Brent Faiyaz said: “I had just landed in LA & went straight to studio. ‘Invite Me’ was really me soaking up the entire experience. Having a particular situation from back home in mind, & bringing it to a new environment allowed me to reflect on it with a fresh set of eyes. It let me be vulnerable. honest.