Blonde Maze – Thunder

Raised in NYC, Amanda Stekler  is a fully self-produced artist/singer and musician who is currently releasing music behind the moniker Blonde Maze. The mix of dreamy pop-tinged textures and minimalistic electronica, together with her haunting voice, have sketched out by now a trademark sound which can be heard also in Blonde Maze’s new single Thunder, a smooth downtempo tune with a strong emotional aftertaste. Now armed with more material and a new EP slated for release in 2018, Amanda is ready to hit the scene again in great style.

Talking about the song via email, Amanda said: “To me, ‘Thunder’ is about growing and changing with someone,” Blonde Maze says about the track. “You start to miss older times with them, but you also acknowledge that the growth has made them an inseparable part of your heart. Sometimes, with a relationship’s maturity, you lose your patience more, you let your guard down, and you get hurt, but the beauty of this maturity is that there becomes no one else in the world you are as comfortable growing with.”

Listen below.

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